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Indicator change for multiples surnames

As of May 21, 2004, the National Library of Canada (NLC) and the National Archives of Canada (NAC) became Library and Archives Canada (LAC).

The first indicator value 2 (Multiple surname) was made obsolete in MARC 21 X00 fields in 1996. Value 1 (Single surname) was redefined as surname to be used for both single and multiple surnames. The National Library of Canada delayed its implementation of the change in order to coordinate its implementation with that of the Library of Congress.

Following LC's announcement of its implementation plan, NLC has determined the best way to implement the change in AMICUS within the context of existing resources.

NLC will phase-in the implementation of the change as follows:

Headings in authority records and corresponding headings in bibliographic records created after January 17, 2000 will reflect the change.

Headings in existing authority records (i.e. those established prior to January 17, 2000) and corresponding headings in bibliographic records will not reflect the change until NLC is in a position to automatically convert first indicator value 2 to first indicator value 1. An announcement will be made to notify the community when this conversion will be undertaken.

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